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September 18, 2012, LSoft Team

New questions and answers about Active@ UNDELETE

I think I have a virus in my machine. Several documents just vanished. Does any one know of a way to get the files back and clean the machine?

Often, when a virus or other malware program disrupts the file system causing important files to disappear it leaves traces of what it did. A recovery program capable of scanning the drive and file system for old information can usually restore these files. Two such programs are and Active@ UNDELETE and Active@ File Recovery.

It looks like a disgruntled employee erased some critical files from our system. We can work with back-ups but would rather have the latest files recovered. What is the best software for this type of thing?

When I need to recover files that were deleted accidentally (or on purpose but someone with a grudge) I like using either Active@ UNDELETE or Active@ File Recovery.

The other day I noticed that some important files were no longer on my drive. I have not used the drive since then, but need to know what file recovery software would be the best to recover them.

They can probably be recovered by a recovery program. Do not use the disk they were deleted from until you get the data back. Two of the best programs for that type of recovery are Active@ File Recovery and Active@ UNDELETE. They both can scan the drive, find the old files, and recover them to a different drive. BTW NEVER recover the files to the same drive unless you have absolutely no choice. Recovering to the same drive can overwrite the data you are trying to recover, making it impossible for the data to ever be recovered.

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