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Active@ Data Recovery Software Active Data Recovery Software is a division of LSoft Technologies Inc, software development company designing disk utilities related to the recovery of lost data and online privacy. Unique Active@ technologies allow our solutions to be easily integrated with operating system and network environment, suggesting to user powerful and flexible tools for computer management.

Active@ UNDELETE Essentials

This video describes the major features of data recovery software - Active@ UNDELETE.

Recover deleted files

In this tutorial we will introduce you to most essential feature of Active@ UNDELETE - recover deleted files and folders.

Restore deleted Partitions

Active@ UNDELETE tutorial describes step-by-step how to restore deleted partition on physical hard drive.

Partition Manager tool

This tutorial describes an advanced Active@ UNDELETE tool - Partition Manager, that allows you to perform disk partitioning tasks, such as creating partitions and volumes, formatting them, and assigning drive letters. Initialize raw disk, edit partition tables and more.

Disk Editor tool

This tutorial describes an advanced Active@ UNDELETE tool - Disk Editor, that allows viewing and editing raw content of a file or any sector on the drive in hexadecimal or text modes, easy navigation through logical partition stricture of hard disk and more.

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

CD/DVD Tools