Application Preferences

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Application Preferences

You can change many of the settings that affect the application's behavior in the Preferences dialog.

To open the Preferences dialog, do one of the following:

  • From the Tools menu, select Preferences.
  • In the Application Command bar select Support tab, click Preferences.

See description of each tabbed preferences page below

General Settings Options

General Settings Options

Show Welcome page
Show\Hide welcome dialog at application start.
Check for available updates at application start
Each time when Active@ UNDELETE starts it will request for available update\upgrade and prompt for download if newer version is available for download.
Show splash screen
Enable\Disable splash screen at application start.
Auto load last saved session
When this option is on, at application start Active@ UNDELETE will load latest saved session state, such as environment configuration, opened Disk Images and Scan Results.
See Using Scan Results
Reset wizards to default
Restores original wizard settings and page sequence to default state.
Environment Options

Environment Options

Context help panel
Show\Hide left side context help panel. Context help will automatically changed when active view (tab) is changed to show related hints and brief description of every view.
Show command bar
Show\Hide right side command bar that contains shortcuts to most usable commands and actions.
Use sound
Enable\Disable application sound notifications.
Hexadecimal file preview
When this option is on, file preview by default will be always shown in hexadecimal mode without any attempt to load it as an image or a document.
Recovery Explorer Options

Recovery Explorer Options

Show system files
Show\Hide system files in Recovery explorer. In most of the cases these files are not recoverable.
Show no ready device
Show\Hide devices that has not read state and can not be scanned.
Show Logical Drive scan dialog by default
When this option is OFF, double click logical drive (volume) node in Recover Explorer view will initiate scan with default (most usable) options. Only when CTRL button is pressed down at the same time or this option is off, Scan Volume dialog will appear and let you to change scan options.
Show system events
Show\Hide system events in application log.
Save log file to disk
Enable\Disable saving log entries to the file. Use Default log path to specify log file.
Device Backups Options

Device Backups Options

Backup location
Define individually Physical Device (disk) backup file location. See Rollback Partition Changes for details.
File Signatures Options

File Signatures Options

File signatures list
Review available (supported) file signatures. User defined file signatures (if any) are shown in separate group.
Add file signature
Click Add button to add user define file signature.
See User Defined file templates.
Edit file signature
Click Edit button when custom file signature is selected or double click custom file signature node to open edit dialog.
Import Custom file signatures
Click Import button to import custom file signatures define in third party configuration file.

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