Searching in Disk Editor

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Searching in Disk Editor

To search text or byte sequence in Disk Editor view :

  • Click Ctrl+F shortcut key or
  • Use Find button in Disk Editor's toolbar then Find text dialog will appear
Dialog Find

Figure 53: Dialog Find

Find what

Search pattern to find. Required. Can be set in one of the following formats:

  • ANSI — text pattern, Regular expressions and wildcards can be used. History of ANSI search patters is preserved for next sessions and can be selected from drop-down list
  • HEX — search pattern in hexadecimal format
  • Unicode — search pattern in Unicode format

Note: When search pattern is entered in one of the find what text fields, the other two related fields will interpret entered value in correspondent format.

Find options

Regular expressions and wildcards can provide even greater search capabilities.

Search direction will specify search direction from the current cursor position.

Per block search

When this option is on, then search applies on per block fragments of context object. This method could be useful to search for repeated pattern, for instance at certain position (offset) in each and every sector (block). Find command will initiate search process and will pause at first search result entry. Use Next button on dialog or F3 keyboard shortcut to continue paused search.

When using Find All command, list of all search entries will appear in Find Results view. Use this list to navigate between search result entries (if any).

Browsing search results

After search completed, result entries (if any) are listed in Find Results view, grouped in subsequent search results, with offset (address) and short preview snippet. To focus on individual search result entry double-click on it in list or use Goto button in view's toolbar.

Find results in Disk Editor

Figure 54: Find results in Disk Editor

All search results are highlighted in Disk Editor view.

Find results in Disk Editor

Figure 55: Find Results view

Goto location

Move cursor and position Disk Editor view on selected search result

Goto Previous

Move cursor to previous search result

Goto Next

Move cursor to next search result


Open Find dialog for a new search


Terminate current search process


Remove selected search result or search group from list

Remove All

Clear search result list.

Use context menu in Find result view to interact with each search entry individually.

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