Navigate a physical disk

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Navigate a physical disk

To navigate to the disk system records of a physical disk, click on the Navigate button in the toolbar. Depending on the partition scheme and contents of the physical disk you are editing, the Navigate menu will contain different options.

Navigating basic disks

After the Go to Offset and Go to Sector items there is a Partition Table menu item which allows jumping to sector 0 of a physical disk. As you jump to the partition table, a Master Boot Record template is automatically selected.

If the disk is not empty, the names of the partitions and their system areas will be in sub menus below the Partition Table menu item.

Navigating dynamic disks

For dynamic disks the following system areas are available for direct access:

  • LDM Private Header
  • LDM Primary TOC Block
  • LDM Backup TOC Block
  • LDM VMDB Block
  • LDM KLog
  • LDM First VBLK Block

After each access point a sector number is specified in the brackets.

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