Navigate a logical drive

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Navigate a logical drive

To navigate to the disk system records of a logical drive, click on the Navigate button in the toolbar.

Depending on the file system present in a logical drive, the navigation menu will have different access points.

FAT and FAT32 drives

  • Boot Sector
  • Boot Sector Copy (FAT32 only)
  • FAT1
  • FAT2
  • Root Directory

NTFS drives

  • Boot Sector
  • Boot Sector Copy
  • $MFT
  • $MFT Mirror
  • Arbitrary MFT record

HFS+ drives

  • Volume Header
  • Volume Header Copy

Ext2/Ext3 drives

  • Superblock

Some of the access points when used automatically select a corresponding template. For example, if a boot sector access point is selected, a boot sector template is applied to the boot sector offset.

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