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Active@ UNDELETE ver. 12
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Filter detected partitions by certainty

After you complete a scan, detected partitions are listed in order of their certainty status based on attributes and validation level. To make a long list of partitions easier to read, remove partitions with a status of Bad and lower using a filter. To filter detected partitions:

In the Physical Device Scan View select a scan result node with detected partitions.

Open the Filter Detected Partition dialog:

  • From the toolbar, click Partition Filter.
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  • Right-click the partition and click Partition Filter from the context menu.

Set filter values in General or Advanced tabs and click Filter to apply selected filter criteria.

Filter Detected Partition

General Options

Filter by Partition File System
Select the file system that will remain in the filtered partition list.
Filter by Status
Select the partition integrity statuses that will remain in the filtered partition list.
Filter by Size
To restrict the size of a partition to display, click the Filter by Partition Size check box and enter the lowest and highest partition size in MB.
Filter by Partition File System

Advanced tab filtering will let you filter a partition with specific NTFS or FAT attributes.

Press Reset in the Filter Detected Partition dialog to cancel partition filtering.

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