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Create a New Partition Wizard

This wizard guides you through simple steps to help you to create a new partition on a data storage device. When the Restore Partition wizard starts for the first time, the first screen describes the process. Clear the Show this page next time? check box to avoid seeing this screen the next time you run this wizard.

  1. Select Unallocated Space

    Select the unallocated space where the new partition must be created and click the Next button to continue.

  2. Select partition geometry (attributes)

    Page Options

    First sector of created partition. It can be set exact by numerical value entered in text box or by moving left slider in Device Map control;
    Partition size can be set in megabytes or in sectors, depending on state of Measure in Sectors check box;
    Measure in sectors
    Set this option on, to use sectors instead of megabytes as partition measurements;
  3. Partition Attributes

    Page Options

    Mark Partition as Active
    Newly created partition will be set as Active Partition
    Assign Drive letter
    For Primary Partition or Logical Drive on extended partition drive letter can be assigned from the list of available in the system drive letters
  4. Format Partition

    This step is optional. Click set so Do not format new partition and click Next button to continue.

    Page Options

    Volume Label
    Enter distinctive volume label;
    File System
    Select on of the file system supported;
    Allocation unit size
    Allocation unit size depends on File System selected. Leave Default for mots of the cases;
  5. Confirm Actions

    Review and confirm new partition attributes and click Create Partition button to initiate creation process.

  6. Complete

    Click Finish to close the Wizard.

    A new partition will appear for corresponded disk in Recovery Explorer.

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