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Active@ UNDELETE Ver 2.0
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Computer Management Console

Another way to connect and work with remote computer is using standard Computer Management Console. Use this method only if operating systems on both local and remote computer support Computer Management (for example both machines have Windows 2000 installed).

To connect and manage remote computers:

  1. Right-click the My Computer desktop icon and click Manage command or open Microsoft Control Panel and click Computer Management from the Administrative Tools folder.
  2. Right-click the Computer Management node and click Connect to another computer... menu item or select it from the Action menu.
  3. Select one of available computers, or type its name in the Select Computer dialog and click Ok.
  4. The Active@ UNDELETE icon appears under System Tools node in Computer Management. Expand the Active@ UNDELETE node and work with remote computer the same way as with a local machine.

With Active@ UNDELETE installed and registered on a remote computer, and correct access to the remote computer and DCOM is configured properly, all Active@ UNDELETE functions will run the same way as if it was a local machine.

Error Messages

Error Description
The RPC Server is not Available Mistyped remote computer name, or software is not installed properly
Access denied Incorrect privileges on the remote computer
Access denied: DCOM security settings do not allow this process to get notifications from the remote server DCOM security is turned on by default. Turn it off.

See DCOM Configuration page for more information on how to configure DCOM.

For testing purposes, you can try to turn off DCOM security temporarily, by setting on both computers Default Authentication Level to (None), and adding Everyone to Default Access and Launch permissions.

For more information on how to create and configure MMC Consoles, Add/Remove Snap-Ins see Microsoft Management Console.

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