Recover deleted files/folders

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Recover deleted files and folders

Active@ UNDELETE is an advanced data recovery tool designed to recover data lost or deleted data, or even information from formatted hard disks.

In nutshell, file recovery requires scan of disk for deleted files first, review scan results and at the end - recover selected files to safe location.

Scan can be applied on existing logical drive (or volume) in case when file was simply deleted for any reason. For more complex cases, when files were on deleted or damaged partition, a disk itself must be scanned for these deleted partition first, then in its turn scan detected partitions for files. And finally in the most difficult case, when files were lost on damaged or undetectable partition or even from unpartitioned disk at all, disk surface must be scanned for deleted files by using unique files signatures.

Some times your RAID controller dismount HDD array and you loosing access to your data. In this case, you can attach disks from array directly to the motherboard, use Active@UNDELETE to assemble virtual RAID from these disks and scan volumes on assembled array for files and recover them to safe location.

Some times files needs to be recovered from encrypted source to some intermediate data storage that not supports encryption (e.g. FAT32 formatted Flash card). For that you can use Decrypt recovered files on page 25 tool for a final recovery touch.

Recover files from existing volumes

Use this method for simplest file recovery. Recommended for most cases. Recover files by their signatures can be also applied for better results.

Recover files from deleted (damaged) partitions

If files where lost on deleted (damaged) partition

Recover files by their signatures

Use this technique to recover files from formatted partition or from unallocated (unpartitions) space on disk.

Recover files from broken RAID

Create Virtual RAID from disassembled disks to be able to scan them for deleted (unaccessable) files and folders.

You can also restore entire partition, if its was deleted and detected in a good shape for recovery. However we are strongly recommend to recover files first to another location.

After you can see partitions on a device, the file recovery process consists of three stages.

Data Recovery

Data Utility

Data Security

Data Backup

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