Data Inspector

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Disk Editor tools and views

Disk Editor delivers several tools for advanced users:

Data Inspector

Tool-view interpret currently selected data to several most used data types.

File preview

Allows to preview content of a file. Supports basic image formats and registered document types, such as MS Office, PDF's etc.

File cluster chain

Provides advanced navigation through file structure.

Active Bookmarks

Provides ability to mark certain locations on edited subject to faster access and navigation.

Searching in Disk Editor

Enhanced search within edited content.


Data Inspector

The Data Inspector is a small tool view window that provides the service of “inspecting” (or interpreting) data currently selected in the edit pane. The Data Inspector lets you view the type of data you have selected. This may help you interpret data as displayed in Disk Editor.

Data Inspector

To open the Data Inspector, from the Disk Editor toolbar, choose View > Data Inspector;

To copy an interpreted data from Data Inspector as a text:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Data Inspector window.
  2. Select Copy.

To switch between little endian and big endian representation:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Data Inspector window.
  2. Select Big Endian

The Data Inspector window is dockable and its location can be changed by clicking on the window title and dragging it to the new location. If the Data Inspector window is sharing its space with other tool views, you can change its relative position by left clicking and dragging the window tab. You can close the window by clicking on the [X] button in the top right corner of the window and reopen it again using the View menu in the Disk Editor Toolbar.


File cluster chain

File cluster chain is one of the essential approach to analyse file data integrity and file recovery/ To help navigate through the content of an open file, file's cluster chain, shown sequence number, offset and size of each chain, is displayed in File Cluster Chain view.

File Cluster Chain view

To open the File Cluster Chain View:

  • from the Disk Editor toolbar, choose View > File Cluster Chain
  • form main menu choose View > Window > File Cluster Chain

Go to

Go to selected cluster of cluster chain. Same effect can by achieved by double-clicking on cluster entry in cluster chain list.

Go to Previous

Go to previous cluster chain in sequence

Go to Next

Go to next cluster chain in sequence.


File preview

In Active@ Disk Editor provides ability to preview files along with editing of its content and explore volume entry records.

Open items for editing

Figure 48: Preview selected file in Disk Browser

To open the File Preview panel from any view, do one of the following:

  • Hold Ctrl key and double-click on file
  • Right-click on file and click File Preview from the context menu
  • Select a file and click File Preview from the main toolbar
Open items for editing

Figure 49: Preview selected file in Disk Browser

Preview mode

Default preview mode can be selected either as Hexadecimal or Rendered, in which case file will be shown as an image (for graphics files) or rendered by one of the registered file previewers.

Font size

Select size of the font for hexadecimal mode


With this option on files, selected in context source, will be previewed automatically. Toggle this option off if for any reason file preview causes delays in file navigation.


In this mode, all registered previewers and supported graphics formats in current system will be shown.

Note: If the preview file is not available then it appears in hexadecimal or text mode.

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